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Our Values

You and I, Sonoka, wish to create unforgettable moments during a safe and respectful event. We will not tolerate discrimination.

Respect for personal freedom and the freedom of others is an irreplaceable right and duty. This is based on respect for each other and non-judgment.

Respect for the environment is just as important. We'll take care of the place, and pay attention to the small and big things we do to preserve it.


Together, we can create an extraordinary experience, leaving a positive memory both in our minds and in the environment that surrounds us and hosts our dances for the suspended time of a weekend.

As a festival-goer, I commit to : 

 Include and not discriminate against any festival-goer, regardless of social origin, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, physical appearance, clothing or any other form of discrimination.


☐ Respect the personal space of other festival-goers (I don't touch their bodies, clothes or accessories without asking permission).


 Respect the venue 


 Respect the artistic performances


 Respect the environment (I pick up my litter, no cigarette butts on the ground - I use the pocket ashtray provided, as well as the many garbage cans on site, I use biodegradable soap).


 Respect the consent of other festival-goers (I don't sexualize others, I listen and respect responses)

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