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Line-up 2024


Abs8lute (Venus Club/Kluster) 

A true representative of the new French techno scene, particularly in Paris, abs8lute has been making a name for herself for several years now with sets that combine groove and mentalism. This uniqueness has taken her to numerous DJ booths across the country and Europe, including no less than 3 Klubnacht at the Berghain.
abs8lute is also active outside the dancefloor, actively fighting for better representation of women in the music industry, writing for specialist media such as Mixmag France, hosting conferences and debates on inclusion for Paris Electronic Week, founding the Vénus Club, and heading up the D.A. for the Kluster collective.

Dasha Rush

Dasha Rush (Fullpanda/Raster)

Dasha's work is so varied it's hard to describe, and has made such an indisputable mark on the global electronic scene. 

We could mention her various releases under Raster, Sonic Groove or on her own FullPanda label, as well as more industrial collaborations with AnD (ADD) or much deeper ones with Lars Hemmerling under LADA, her 360° Aurora Cerebralis live A/V ..... Her universe and artistic spectrum are endless. 

Dasha is also a master of the dancefloor, a maestra with her finger on the pulse, promising memorable flights of fancy at every turn.


(Sonoka Festival/Totem Rituel) 

Shaking like a proton around the nucleus, A.Silentio puts the diversity of experience at the service of music. Festival director, co-founder of the Totem Rituel collective, stage manager, in charge of part of the artistic direction at the Château Perché Festival for several years, label manager, producer, hypnotic performer... The hats are many, but the end result is always unique: a journey for the legs and the mind.


GiGi FM (Bambe/Sea~rène)

Boldly versatile, GiGi FM’s selections charms bodies on dancefloors across Europe and beyond into states of ecstasy. Techno, bass, breaks and ambient all come to play when she’s in the booth.

Having made a name for herself as a key player in the South London electronic music scene, she is now Berlin-based. GiGi performs in settings such as Berghain, Rural Japan, Draaimolen, Fabric, De School, The Bunker New York, and Sustain Release.
As a multi-hyphenate artist, she continues on her quest to push artistic boundaries and hold space for unique audience experiences.

Marco Shuttle

Marco Shuttle
(Incensio/Spazio Disponibile) 

Operating in the abstract regions of techno and coming from a visual (fashion) background, Marco Shuttle has carved out his own niche in recent years. Releasing on outlets such as Time To Express, The Bunker and Clone, and after on his own imprint Eerie... Marco Shuttle's journeying.

What ties his creative work together is a focus on abstract yet organic texture and the same thing defines his tightly woven DJ sets from Fabric to Berghain. His eclectic cerebral sound takes cues from jazz and musique concrete as much as it does from acid house and Detroit techno.

Early breakout records like his 'The Vox Attitude' have been followed up with other masterpiece albums as Systhema on Spazio Disponibile or more recently his more-focused acoustic Cobalt Desert Oasis.
Versatile Dj, each prestation of Marco is an ode to the technic, and to the diversity.

Paula Koski

Paula Koski (Soma Records) 

From Finland and based in Berlin, Paula has made a name for herself in recent years, combining a sense of groove with a vision of psychedelia.

Paula’s talent for telling stories through her sets stems from her background as a journalist, during which she began her career as a DJ in the underground techno scene.

Her performances never cease to make their mark and have enabled her to lay down numerous tracks in such emblematic venues across Europe.

With a debut release on Soma Records and appearances at Berghain, Basement New York, and other key clubs in Europe and beyond, watch for Paula as she unites dance floors around the world


Sindh live (Lowless/A.Biotic) 

Founder of the Pan d'or festival, producer of genius and uncompromising live performer, Sindh, aka 9beats, is one of those artists whose musical exploration and curiosity are second to none.

After notable releases on Lowless and Cosmic Wave Records, Sindh's project has gradually established itself as a major force on the French deep and hypnotic scene, with missile-like releases recently on A.biotic, and previously on Valentino Mora's IDO label.

Wild Aspect

Wild Aspect
(Traffic Bam/Kaometry) 

He is one of those unclassifiable DJs whose musical culture is matched only by his mastery of the pitch. Inspired by cinematic techno flights as much as by bass music or minimal sounds, Wild Aspect has been plying his trade in DJ booths since 1995... and has shared them with some of the greatest: from Moritz Von Oswald to Karenn, via Fumiya Tanaka, Neel and Oscar Mulero. 

3 decks lovers, we're delighted to welcome the conpadre to the Sonoka Festival, representing Team Kaometry and promising a dancefloor lesson in due form.

"Body & Soul" lovers, this one is for you.


 MSJY(Femme Bass Mafia)

MSJY maneuvers through exhilarating fissions across the electronic music spectrum, both under this alias and that of her alter ego Xades. Jenny absorbs influences with an open-mindedness that inspires fascination. Whether you find her DJing in a dark cellar or at the Panorama Bar for a Reef; leading workshops or conferences ; as a core member of the Femme Bass Mafia, or raving in the corner of a dark club, MSJY is always on the move.
Accustomed to European 5* venues such as Dekmantel, the late De School, Ankali, Melt and CTM, her remarkably varied musical output bears witness to an unwavering commitment to music, the scene and its values, and it's with undisguised pleasure that we welcome this incredible representative of Berlin's diverse scene.

Pierre Paris

Pierre Paris
(Sonoka Festival/Totem Rituel)

Clockwork precision and an unrivalled sense of groove. 15 years of treading the dancefloors of Europe have forged that damn smile's unrivalled sense of platinum: a finely honed touch from 33 to 45 rpm, in the service of sessions of rare diversity that have enabled him to groove alongside Jack de Marseille, Mike Parker, Mareena and Polygonia, to name but a few....100% XP, guaranteed GMO-free.


Sklaer (Metanoïa)

Emerging artist of the Lyon scene, the Sklaer project is an UFO whose contours are hard to pin down. From techno to ambient, via d'n'b and bass music, Clarisse plays with inspirations... and frequencies. Founder of the Metanoïa collective, she's had the opportunity to spread her sense of music across powerful stages like Positive Education, Le Sucre and the Metaphore collective : her presence at the festival was an obvious choice for us.


Syrob (One o One) 

When he's not at the helm of his ZX-87 spaceship - currently orbiting Jupiter - this Interstellar Fugitive descends to Earth at 101 to shower us with his witchcraft. His ufological research has led him to one conclusion: the past is the future. Crazy about electro, new wave and Detroit techno, he has no master, yet he's the apostle of 3 deities: Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Jeff Mills. Founder, D.A. and resident of the legendary One O One for eleven years now, Syrob masters the dancefloor like few others, and unquestionably represents the diversity and experience of the Clermont-Ferrand scene. Thank you Boris for doing us the honor of representing local club culture, we're proud to welcome you to our first edition !


(Construct ReForm /

Zadig, or 30 years of integrity serving the French scene. Starting out in the hardcore scene, and after a few years moving closer to the techno movement in the 90s, Sylvain gradually made a name for himself with various projects and releases, before becoming a true inspiration on the French and international scene.

Boss of CONSTRUCT RE-FORM, representative of stables such as Pole Group, Tresor or Synchrophone, alter ego of Kern Space Adventures, literal maestro of groove and involved in multiple projects such as Unforseen Alliances... there's no shortage of arguments to predict a high-flying night.

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